[Bucardo-general] Just a couple of questions...

Alessandro Sironi alessandro.sironi at loginet.it
Mon Feb 21 16:33:02 UTC 2011

Hi, I'm new to replication systems and I'm testing a handful of them.
I need the web application to work on the slave node even without an 
active connection to its master. I cannot lock the subscriber's table as 
read-only because the application has to read and write into it; does 
Bucardo lock the slave's table?

  I have other doubts about Bucardo: is it actually a multi-master system?
I read in the home page it is "both multi-master and multi-slave" but in 
the FAQ I found:"Can Bucardo replicate between more than two masters? 
No. Currently, Bucardo only supports master to master (as well as master 
to many slaves of course)."
It support only 2 master?

  Thanks in advance

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