[Bucardo-general] "ERROR: 42883: could not identify an ordering operator for type polygon"

Katz, Lawrence Lawrence.Katz at CooperIndustries.com
Tue Apr 28 15:22:28 UTC 2009

[LWK: I posted the following to the PostgreSQL General mailing list as
well, but I'm hoping that someone else has tried to use Bucardo with




I'm trying to setup Bucardo to do a master-master replication between
two PostgreSQL servers.  However, it looks like when it tries to execute
a query involving DISTINCT and a column with a data type of "polygon",
the following error is thrown by PostgreSQL:


ERROR:  42883: could not identify an ordering operator for type polygon


I assume a default operator class for polygon needs to be defined using
Does anyone have an example of an appropriate operator class definition
for this data type?




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